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my angel

April 2009

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my angel

Friends Only.

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i'm always open to new friends, but you should know ahead of time that the following things will not be tolerated in my journal: homophobia, racism, sexism, close-mindedness, intolerance, ignorance (without a willingness to learn/understand), drama, flaming, or anything else along these lines.

that being said, welcome!



Do I count?

You don't have to add me, but I do enjoy reading your blog. :-)
- Chris

Re: Do I count?

oh yeah! i think i can add your blogspot to my friends list so that you can see my entries when you're logged in. i forgot to check on that, sorry!
i saw this in my friends list and i thought you friend cutted me.. i was all sad and thinking *why would she cut me* then i clicked on your LJ and im still here :)

haha, awwwwww! no wayyyy :) i wouldn't cut you, i'm too excited to read all about the expansion of your beautiful family! yours is one of my favorite LJs.
i added you!


I found your journal on a search for others interested in motherhood. I'm not a mother yet but I have interests in a lot of things that don't necessarily apply to me right now. Anyway, I'm just kind of looking to make some more friends and you seem interesting so if you'd like to be friends, let me know. :-)
go for it :) adding you now!

hello there

come join us @ inspirationaluv, a community made for sharing inspirational,
romantic and heart fluttering images, clips and stories. anyone may join;
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You were recommended to me from Nica, I hope you don't mind if I add you!
absolutely! added you :)
Gmail likes to put LJ comment emails in my spam folder, but I just saw your comment from weddingplans that your wedding date is July 10 too! Do you mind if I add you? I had a date twin, but she changed her date, so it's very cool to have a new one!


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